What is the Household Model?

What is the Household Model
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The Household Model gives you the best of both worlds: privacy and friendship.

The Piper is designed with the Household Model — a philosophy introduced by Action Pact for those who need assisted living, memory support or physician-directed nursing. This innovative concept changes the perception of senior living, replacing institutionalized living with a beautiful private residence and shared common spaces that promote relationships with others living in the household.

The Piper includes six households – three dedicated to assisted living, two devoted to memory care and the latest, Strawberry Hill, reserved for physician-directed nursing. Within each household, up to 20 elders live in private residences and share an open kitchen, dining room, living room and intimate spaces to relax and visit, much like you would find in any family home. Residents choose when to eat and sleep and how to spend their day. Each household is staffed 24/7 by and consistent team members who get to know the residents and help them remain the architects of their daily lives.