The Piper’s top priority is keeping residents safe and healthy. Right now, our focus is on minimizing exposure to COVID-19.

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A Welcome Message from The Piper

Get comfortable. You're home.

Home is more than an address; it’s a feeling. You know it when you feel it. Home means the freedom to do whatever you choose, whenever you want. It’s the security of having family and friends close by. Home means having your favorite things around you– photographs of people you love, books and mementos you cherish, and chocolate ice cream in the freezer. It’s the comfort of being in your own space, and the freedom simply to be yourself. 

Residents of The Piper feel this every day. The Piper is redefining Kansas City assisted living facilities, memory care and physician-directed nursing for seniors in the Kansas City metro area. Seeing is believing. Come for a visit and you’ll feel it immediately.

Why we are different

We treat Your Parent like family, not like a patient.

Our cross-trained team of professionals combine refined skills, extensive experience and compassion, so residents feel secure and comfortable right away. We honor the personal narratives that have been woven into the fabric of their lives. Residents always come first. 

As the most unique Kansas City assisted living and memory support option anywhere in the greater KC metro area, The Piper creates an environment that invites social interaction, engagement in life, and the right amount of care. 


Resident Driven Senior Living

Our innovative philosophy and Creative architectural design are
Changing The Way People Think About Assisted Living and Memory Support

assisted living facility book

“The sunbeam,” or the right to home, has eluded the frail elders of this country for too long. For decades, the institutionalized hospital model turned frail elders into patients, not people. It’s time for a change.

In Pursuit of the Sunbeam is a guide for individuals and organizations looking to embrace the true home of the resident-directed Household Model. The book is written by The Piper’s CEO Steve Shields and LaVrene Norton. Through years of development and consulting worldwide, they have put their expertise into the design and function of The Piper in Kansas City.

In the book, the authors share their experiences with nursing home transformation. This book is the quintessential “How-To” of the Household Model– the future of long-term care. One reviewer said, “If you’re looking for a different approach to aged care that is consistent with best practice, this is a great book for understanding and assisting with culture change.”

Assisted Living

Assistance with daily care

When you’re no longer able to stay in your own home, an assisted living household may be the best option. We provide individualized care, encourage socialization among neighbors and promote a healthy, happy life. 

Memory Care

Caregiving That is Safe and Secure

People with dementia require a special type of Kansas City memory care support with attention to safety and security. It is our understanding that a person with memory loss is still a person and will be treated with respect and dignity.

Physician-Directed Nursing

The Highest Level of Care

Physician-Directed Nursing offers an alternative to standard nursing home care. The Piper can meet the highest care needs, while offering an enhanced quality of life in a beautiful household setting. Daily care is provided by licensed nurses who receive medical management directed by a physician. 


Listen to our residents

and What Their Family Members Are Saying

“From the moment I walked in, I felt instantly at ease. I really believe The Piper is something special. They seem to understand that people are individuals, and can’t be expected to live and behave in exactly the same way, on exactly the same schedule. I know of nothing else like it in assisted living or memory care.”

Ann, Daughter of Edith, a Resident of The Piper

“What I find so interesting here at The Piper is this neighborhood or household concept. It’s so much more homey than regular nursing home institutions. I also think the people they’ve hired really get it. They understand. The Piper has hired right and they’ve trained right.”

Dave, Son-in-law of Vernie, a Resident of The Piper

“I like knowing that staff members are permanently assigned to each household. I like seeing the same faces all the time, and so does Mom. I also like the fact that staff members are cross-trained, and everyone just pitches in and does what needs to be done.”

Susan, Daughter of Blanche, a Resident of The Piper

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