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People are talking.

Why do residents and families love The Piper? Read on.

“From the moment I walked in, I felt instantly at ease. I really believe The Piper is something special. They seem to understand that people are individuals, and can’t be expected to live and behave in exactly the same way, on exactly the same schedule. I know of nothing else like it in assisted living or memory care.”

Ann, Daughter of Edith, a Resident of The Piper

“What I find so interesting here at The Piper is this neighborhood or household concept. It’s so much more homey than regular nursing home institutions. I also think the people they’ve hired really get it. They understand. The Piper has hired right and they’ve trained right.”

Dave, Son-in-law of Vernie, a Resident of The Piper

“I like knowing that staff members are permanently assigned to each household. I like seeing the same faces all the time, and so does Mom. I also like the fact that staff members are cross-trained, and everyone just pitches in and does what needs to be done.”

Susan, Daughter of Blanche, a Resident of The Piper

“I like the philosophy, the choice, the households and the environment of The Piper. At a conventional nursing ‘facility,’ staff don’t feel like they can be decisive, and they’re probably right. At The Piper, we’re a community, and we have more freedom to make decisions that resolve issues seamlessly.”

Lena, Team Member at The Piper

“It’s all about being versatile, getting in where you’re needed and making it happen for each resident. We cater to their needs, whether they’re physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. Working under the old model means you’re limited as a staff person by what you’re permitted to do. Not at The Piper.”

Kim, Team Member at The Piper

“I get to do a little bit of everything, from helping people get up each morning and preparing their meals, to taking them on an outing. This creates a level of trust and helps the residents open up. The most rewarding thing here is an excitement and energy you don’t see in other places. There are no barriers between residents and staff – it’s more of a community.”

Steve, Team Member at The Piper