Senior Lifestyle

Senior Lifestyle
Learn how to live The Piper life!
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A passion for how people choose to live.

Residents of The Piper are the architects of their own daily lives. This might mean sleeping in, enjoying a late breakfast or taking a leisurely stroll. A quick trip to the Legends is always an option for anyone wanting to do a little shopping or take in a movie. Friends routinely gather in the den to chat or play cards over a cup of coffee or tea. Each day is different, and residents set their own agenda.

A breakthrough concept.

Honoring the self-directed lifestyle is rare in senior living today. So is The Piper’s design and layout. Six individual households, each beautifully furnished and filled with the works of local artists, create the essence of home — an open family room, kitchen, formal dining room, den and sunroom. Within this setting, residents have their own private apartments. This atmosphere engenders a feeling of life at home among friends and family.

Wellness is for everyone.

Genuine wellness is more than an absence of illness. It comes from leading a life of balance, growth and engagement — socially, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Whatever it takes to attain this balance is what we work to help bring about. Residents may elect to attend religious services, spend time in solitude, play games together, visit friends, enjoy music or just get outdoors for a while. The living environment is wide open.

Nourishing body and soul.

Because just 20 residents live in each household at The Piper, and each has its own full kitchen with a homemaker preparing meals, residents are free to eat what they wish, whenever they prefer. Nourishing meals are prepared fresh. Household kitchens feature fresh bread made from scratch, and homemade goodies and hot coffee are always available. Like every aspect of The Piper, good food brings people together.

Community Services & Amenities

  • On-site team dedicated to each household around the clock
  • Full-service dining prepared in each household kitchen – 24/7, including meals and snacks
  • Vibrant Living programming for your interests and hobbies
  • Beauty salon and barber services on site
  • Community room with hospitality bar
  • Call response system
  • Laundry service for bed linens
  • Weekly housekeeping of each apartment
  • Exterior and interior maintenance
  • Safe room for inclement weather
  • Pet-friendly policy
  • Destination walking areas
  • Outdoor patios
  • All utilities including Wi-Fi & cable (telephone excluded)


Memory Care

Includes the same services as assisted living, supported by extra team members with specialized training in supporting people with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Additional memory services include:

  • Medication management
  • Secure environment
  • Personal mail delivery
  • Wellness monitoring
  • Coordination of personal and physician appointments
  • Coordination of transportation needs

In addition to these services and amenities, The Piper team works with each resident to craft a “MyChoice” service package based upon each individual’s needs and preferences.


Physician-Directed Nursing

This is a service level unique to The Piper, and rarely found in assisted living in the Kansas City metro. Extra support is provided for those who may require a higher level of assisted living care to manage complex medical concerns. These specialized services are often found only in long-term care. At The Piper, however, these highly personalized services are delivered in your private apartment, not in a shared, medically oriented setting.

  • Physician making rounds twice a month
  • Physician on call
  • Physician will attend monthly care plan meetings with families
  • Home Health available with a preferred provider
  • Hospice care available with a preferred provider

Able to offer special services:

  • Two-person transfer
  • Multiple chronic conditions
  • Insulin and diabetic management
  • Assistance with eating
  • Special diets
  • Intravenous therapies
  • Wound care
  • Ostomy care
  • Routine pacemaker checks
  • Catheter care
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Medication management
  • Incontinence program

For more information about The Piper, call 913-298-6465 today.